Table 2

Summary of hip, knee, and ankle joint range of motion from clinical assessment

Each subject was categorised according to clinical presentation: clinical group A (minimal joint restriction), clinical group B (restricted joint motion, STJ supinatory deformity), clinical group C (restricted joint motion, STJ pronatory deformity).
–, Normal; DF, dorsiflexion; EFR, external femoral rotation; EL, extension lag; FFD, fixed flexion deformity; GV, genu valgum; IFR, internal femoral rotation; PSN, position; ROM, range of motion; STJ, subtalar joint.
Clinical group A
1L&R 5° EL, GVSwelling only
4Mild GV
5L&R ↑ IFR
Clinical group B
8↓ L&R DF (0°)
9L&R 5° FFD, weak abductors
10L&R 5° FFD↓ L&R DF (−5°)
11Effusion, GV and 10° EL↓ L&R DF (0°)
13L&R 5° FFD↓ L&R DF (−10°)
Clinical group C
14L&R 5° FFD and painful EFR↓ L&R DF (0°)
1515° FFDMild GV