Table 1

Summary of presenting clinical findings following initial assessment, showing subject sex, age, duration of arthritic symptoms, subtype of arthritis, and reported painful joints, with respective gait patterns

No.SexAge (years)Duration (years)Disease subtype (course)Lower limb painGait pattern
JPsA, juvenile psoriatic arthritis; RF−, rheumatoid factor negative.
Clinical group A
1F12 1.5RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetII
2M12 2RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetII
3M 7 5RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetII
4F14 3RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetII
5F1711JPsA (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetIV
6F 4 3Systemic (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetI
7F 8 5.5RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetI
Clinical group B
8F1614.5RF− (polyarthritis)KneesIV
9M1512Systemic (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetIV
10F1814JPsA (polyarthritis)Ankles/feetIV
11M 8 6RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feet/kneesIV
12M12 4Systemic (polyarthritis)KneesIII
13M12 5RF− (polyarthritis)Ankles/feet/kneesIII
Clinical group C
14M10 7.5Systemic (polyarthritis)Ankles/feet/knees/hipsIII
15F11 5JPsA (polyarthritis)KneesIII
Mean (SD)11.73 (3.91) 6.60 (4.27)