Table 1

Ethnic origin, age, and biochemical results in three children with clinical stigmata of rickets

Case no.Ethnic originAge (months)Calcium (mmol/l) (2.15–2.6)Phosphorous (mmol/l) (1.3–2.5)Alkaline phosphatase (IU/l) (230–700)Parathyroid hormone (pg/ml) (10–60)25(OH)D (ng/ml) (5–30)*1,25(OH)D (pg/ml) (20–50)
The normal ranges for biochemical variables are shown in parentheses.
Cases 1 and 2 had radiological features of rickets; a radiograph of case 1 is shown in fig 1.
*Serum 25OHD levels <5 ng/ml are found in severe rickets, whereas levels <12 ng/l are considered to be deficient.
†Parents of this child has started him on an “over the counter” purchased multivitamin preparation between being seen in the child health clinic and venepuncture, 10 days later.
2Pakistani†82.41.4137728816Insufficient sample