Table 1

Main UK growth references in current or recent use

ReferenceCharts published byPeer reviewed publication dateAge commencesAge finishesMeasurements included
*Subsequently extended to 24 weeks gestational age.
Tanner–WhitehouseCastlemead Publications196618,19Birth19 yWeight, height, velocity, head (>1 year)
197520Birth19 ySkin folds
19752119 yLongitudinal references, stages of puberty
Gairdner–PearsonCastlemead Publications19712228 wk*2 yWeight, height, head
Buckler–TannerCastlemead Publications1997232 y20 yWeight, height, longitudinal references, stages of puberty
UK 1990Child Growth Foundation1995, 19961024,23 wk20 yWeight height, BMI, head circumference, stages of puberty
33 wk20 y
23 wk18 y