Table 2

Vaccine candidates under consideration for a serogroup B meningococcal vaccine

ProteinFunctionVaccine potentialReference
Adhesion penetration protein (App)Autotransporter proteinAntibodies present following human infection57
Ferric binding protein (FbpA)Iron bindingAntibodies could block iron uptake58
FetA (FrpB)Ferric enterobactin receptorPossible vaccine candidate but antigenic heterogeneity59, 60
GNA33TransglycosylaseImmunogenic in animals41
Lactoferrin binding protein (LbpA)Lactoferrin bindingAntibodies present following human infection61
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)EndotoxinBactericidal antibodies induced following infection and OMV vaccination. Antibodies have bactericidal activity against a range of meningococcal isolates49–51, 53
Neiserrial surface protein A (NspA)UnknownImmunogenic and “protective” in animals62, 63
Opacity associated protein (OpA; class 5)Adhesion/invasionPotential for antibodies induced by immunisation to block adhesion/invasion64
OpcA (Opc; class 5c)Invasion/adhesionPresent in NIPH OMV vaccine and a target for vaccine induced bactericidal antibodies64
PilinAdhesionPotential for antibodies induced by immunisation to block adhesion65
PorA (class 1 protein)Cation porinMajor protein component of RIVM, NIPH, and Finlay Institute OMV vaccines and is the target for vaccine induced bactericidal antibodies. No protection shown in young children with these vaccines66, 67
PorB (class 2/3 protein)Anion porinImmunogenic in humans after infection and OMV vaccination68
Reduction modifiable protein (Rmp; class 4)UnknownMay cause induction of “blocking” antibodies and therefore not a desirable vaccine constituent69
Transferrin binding protein A (TbpA)Acquisition of iron from transferrinImmunogenic and “protective” in animals70
Transferrin binding protein B (TbpB)Acquisition of iron from transferrinImmunogenic and “protective” in animals. Early human trials show unsatisfactory immunogenicity38, 71, 72