Table 1

Results of serogroup B meningococcal vaccines in phase II/III trials

Vaccine developerVaccine constituentsImmunogenicityEfficacyReference
Meningococci are classically classified by: (1) serogroup (the biochemical nature of the capsular polysaccharide: A, B, C, Y, W135); (2) serotype (the antigenic type of a surface protein called PorB); and (3) serosubtype (the antigenic type of a surface protein called PorA). Hence strain B:15:P1.7,16 is serogroup B, subtype 15, sersubtype P1.7,16.
Connaught Laboratories Inc., USAAluminium hydroxide adsorbed serogroup B OMP (B:4:P1.3) + C polysaccharideInduction of bactericidal antibody but poor responses in young children (<4 years)70% efficacy in older children in Chile. No protection <4 years of age26
Finlay Institute, CubaAluminium hydroxide adsorbed OMV from CU385 (B:4:P1,15) plus C polysaccharideVariable immunogenicity. Good response in Cuban teenagers and children in Chile against the homologous strain. Poor immunogenicity in Brazilian children and Icelandic teenagers and limited cross immunogenicity to non-vaccine meningococci83% efficacy in Cuban teenagers; 70% efficacy in children >4 years in Brazil; non-protective in children <4 years of age in Brazil24, 32–34, 54
NIPH, NorwayAluminium hydroxide adsorbed OMV from 44/76 (B:15:P1.7,16)Immunogenic in Norwegian teenagers, Chilean infants and children, and Icelandic teenagers, but limited cross protection to non-vaccine serotypes57% in Norwegian teenagers29, 33, 55
RIVM, NetherlandsAluminium phosphate adsorbed combination of 2 different OMVs expressing 6 PorA proteins (P1.7,16; P1.5c,10; P1.5,2; P1.7h,4; P1.19,15; P1.12,13)Immunogenic in British infants, Dutch toddlers, and Dutch school children but the 6 antigens showed unequal immunogenicity after 3 doses (16–100% response)Not available30, 35
RIVM, NetherlandsAluminium hydroxide or aluminium phosphate adsorbed OMVs expressing one PorA protein (P1.7h,4)Immunogenic in Dutch toddlers (55–80% response). Response dependent on adjuvant usedNot available56