Table 4

Partners in Paediatrics: main achievements 1998–2000

1.Paediatric gastroenterology:Preparation of full business case for paediatric gastroenterology specialist centre. Implementation in process.
2.Paediatric surgery:Review of current and future provision of paediatric general and urological surgery & anaesthetics; discussion paper and conference to explore issues and options; contribution to West Midlands regional review of children's surgery.
3.Integrated service and workforce planning:Innovative service and workforce planning workshop funded by local education and training consortium and preparation of medical workforce strategy.
4.Paediatric diabetes:Development of common standards for diabetes services and diabetic database
5.Clinical guidelines:Website holding existing clinical guidelines from PiP members; programme of guideline development supported by West Mercia Guidelines Group
6.Web based education:Website with educational programmes and learning resources.
7.Credibility:A partnership of equals; support from acute and community health trusts; secondary and tertiary providers; interest from primary care and purchasers; strategic view of children's services informed by critical mass of clinicians, from all health care professions; problem-oriented service review and design; planning and delivery facilitated by trust managers and by advisors.