Table 2

Recovery of 13C label in stool in the form of TAG and FA (% administered dose) at each of the three phases

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Values are given either as median (ranges in parentheses) or individual values if label was detected in three or less children in the group.
ND, no label detected in all children.
Trilaurin2.2 (0–11.7)1.7, 2.8, 6.00.4 (0–2.8)ND0.4 (0–3.2)ND
Triolein2.5 (0–8.1)0.2 (0–3.5)0.4, 0.8ND1.1, 3.8ND
Trilinolein2.2 (0–6.4)0.1 (0–0.3)0.8 (0–9.6)ND0.9, 2.0, 2.3ND