Table 1

Results of specific conditions associated with CF in the preschool child

ConditionBlood marker% low values% high values
Values are expressed as a percentage of total blood tests available for the individual parameters which fall outside the normal Royal Brompton Hospital laboratory limits.*Not applicable.
Liver diseaseγ gluteryl transferase0.7 1.4
Aspartate transaminase072.4
Alkaline phosphatase0.7 6.6
Prothrombin time2.614.9
Platelets (hypersplenism)1.333.6
CF related diabetesRandom or fasting glucose6.0 6.0
Glycosylated haemoglobin1.6 2.4
Pseudo-Barrter's syndromeSodium0 0
NutritionCholesterol78.4 0
Albumin9.8 0.7
Total protein17.8 0
Vitamin A9.3 0
Vitamin E8.610.9
Iron statusHaemoglobin2.7 2.7
Iron58.3 0.7
Total iron binding capacity0.917.9
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosisImmunoglobulin E023.6
Aspergillus specific RAST*62.8
Aspergillus precipitins* 4.5
Surrogate markers for infectionWhite cell count1.310.7
IgG6.2 1.4