Table 5

Ages at milestones in the pathway to treatment of CHI pre-VIHSP (1989 birth cohort fitted by end 1995) and post-VIHSP (1993 birth cohort fitted by end 1999) for children with a bilateral hearing impairment of >40 dB HL in the better ear

Median age (mth) (interquartile range; n*)
Pre-VIHSPPost-VIHSPp value†
*Numbers vary, as not all children attended all services and not all parents returned questionnaire.
†Mann–Whitney U test.
‡Parent questionnaire data.
§Australian Hearing data.
¶Early intervention services data.
First suspected HI‡
(5.0–23.0; n=57)(3.0–23.0; n=52)
(7.0–23.0; n=55)(3.0–24.0; n=45)
First seen by audiologist‡
(8.5–24.5; n=50)(3.1–28.1; n=45)
(9.0–29.0; n=57)(4.5–30.5; n=49)
Diagnosis—Australian Hearing§20.314.20.18
(10.8–36.4; n=79)(7.5–35.1; n=75)
Fitting of hearing aids§
(12.1–37.2; n=79)(9.5–38.5; n=82)
Entry—Early Intervention Service¶
(10.6–23.9; n=49)(9.7–22.4; n=35)