Table 1

Characteristics of patients and salient feature of their infections

PatientAgeGenderIsolate sourceInfectionCofactorsInitial therapyCompletion therapyOutcome
CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; IV, intravenous; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.
14 yMCSFCSF and extraventricular drainPrevious cranial surgery; recent intraventricular bleedIV cefotaxime and IV vancomycin for 2 daysIV cloxacillin for 6 days; extraventricular drain removedWell
218 yFRenal abscessPost-surgical abscess (renal transplant)Renal transplant; immunosuppression; SLE; abscess also yielded viridans streptococciIV ampicillin and IV cefazolin for 2–3 daysIV cloxacillin for 8 days; oral cephalexin for 2 weeks; external drain left in place until drainage subsidedWell; no further drainage
310 wkMBlood and mitral valveEndocarditisCongenital heart and other multiple physical anomaliesIV cefotaxime for 2 days and IV vancomycin for 10 daysIV cloxacillin and gentamicin for 10 days; oral cloxacillin for 3 weeksWell
418 yFBlood? endovascular infection but unknown focusSpastic quadriplegiaIV vancomycin for 7 daysIV cloxacillin for 4 weeksWell
512 yMBloodHaemodialysis lineChronic renal failure; Henoch–Schönlein purpura2 doses IV vancomycinIV cloxacillin for 10 daysWell
66 mthMCSF and ventriculo-peritoneal shuntCSFCentral nervous system shunt; previous arachnoid cystIV vancomycin for 2 days; IV cefotaxime for 3 daysIV cloxacillin for 11 days; shunt revised near completion of cloxacillin therapyWell