Table 2

Reasons for referral for audiological testing through VIHSP; 1993 birth cohort

Reason for referralNumber of referrals* (% of total)% of birth cohortNumber aided by end 1999‡PPV†Number referred from screen per child aided
*Infants may have more than one risk factor. This table includes only cases for which data were returned prospectively to VIHSP.
†Positive predictive value (true positives/(true + false) positives).
‡49 of the 134 children fitted with aids for CHI were referred through VIHSP and had sufficient documentation for this table.
Failed behavioural screen3299 (53.9)5.03180.005183
Risk factor identified2827 (46.1)4.31310.01191
    Family history1144 (18.7)1.7470.006163
    Perinatal infection89 (1.5)0.1410.01189
    Birth asphyxia134 (2.2)0.2040.03034
    Birth weight <1500 g408 (6.7)0.6240.010102
    Severe jaundice182 (3.0)0.2820.01191
    Congenital abnormality of the head and neck263 (4.3)0.4090.03429
    Parental concern577 (9.4)0.8870.01282
    Later/other risk factors349 (5.7)0.5310.003349