Table 1

Patient characteristics

GroupSexAge (mth)SymptomsTreament (prestudy)pH reflux index (%)pH pattern of tracing
*Wheeze; †egg/milk/wheat free diet.
V, vomiting; D, diarrhoea; FTT, failure to thrive; cis, cisapride; ran, ranitadine; np, non-phasic; na, not available.
(1) CMSE
1M36V, D, FTTnil†12.7np
2F3V, D, FTT, colicnil26np
3F19V, D, FTTnil24.5np
4M12V, poor feeding, FTTcis, ran 7.6np
5F5V, D, food refusal, FTTnil23.6np
6M11V, D, FTTnil 6.2np
7M10V, D, FTTnil15.3np
8M7V, poor feedingnil 8.4np
9F88V, haematemesis, abdominal painnil15.4np
(2) Controls
1F3Vnil 7.5np
2M33V, D, *cis, ran 9np
3M8Disturbed feeding, Vnil 6.3np
4F140V, abdominal painnil 0np
5M14D, Vnil19.8np
6M49Non-specific abdominal painnil 2.1np
7M141Non-specific abdominal paincis, ran 5np
(3) PRO
1M15V, FTTcis, ran17.3np
2F22V, FTTnil 3.2np
3F81V, FTTcis, ran64.7np
4M24Disturbed feeding, V, FTTnil 9.6np
5M5V, haematemesis, melaenanil 7.5np
6M14V, FTTcis, ran87np
(4) DC
1F34D, abdominal distension, FTTnilnana
2M4D, generalised oedema, FTT, *nil55.4np
3M43Short stature, Dnilnana
4M95D, rectal bleedingnilnana
5F57Abdominal pain, Vnil12np
6M85D, Vnil 0.7np
7M184Abdominal pain, rectal bleedingnil 5np
Total (n=29)