Table 1

Computerviruses and their clinical features

Computer virus Clinical features
Finance Department Virus (FDV)Flashes message: “Your Department has spent money. This is an ILLEGAL OPERATION”
Emeritus Professor Virus (EPV)Flashes message: “Insufficient memory”
Orthotics Virus (OV)Flashes message: “Needs re-booting”
Committee Virus (CV)No message. Screen goes blank
Migraine Virus (MV)Flashes lights
Sexual Health Virus (SHV)Flashes!! Displays message: “Hard disk too floppy. Take Viagra”
Radiology Virus (RV)Flashes message: “Scan repeatedly until broke”
Intensive Care Virus (ICV)Flashes message: “Do you want to save?”
Pathology Department Virus (PDV)Flashes message: “A fatal error has occurred”
Mortuary Virus (MV)Flashes message: “You have exited”