Table 1

Characteristics of the trials comparing short with standard duration antibiotic therapy in UTI

First author, Year, Country, SourcePatients enteredPatients evaluatedInclusion criteriaAntibiotics usedOutcomesLength of study
*Mid stream urine or clean catch urine collection. †Suprapubic bladder aspiration urine collection. ‡Strap-on bag urine collection. §Trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole. ¶Third group of study by Copenhagen Study Group not included in results.
OPD, outpatient department; ED, emergency department.
Wientzen,26 1979, USA, OPD5752Symptomatic UTI. Children with ≥3 UTI in previous year excluded. Age 0.25–16 y. MSU*, SPA†, bag‡ samples.Amoxycillin 4 days versus 10 daysUTI any time after treatment12 months
Lohr,25 1981, USA, OPD5549Girls with symptomatic UTI. Age 2–18 y. MSU samples.Nitrofurantoin 3 days versus 10 daysUTI 0–7 days after treatment6 months
UTI during next 6 months
Helin,24 1981, Sweden, OPD4343Symptomatic UTI. Age 0.25–16 y. Bag, MSU samples.Trimethoprim/sulphadiazine 4 days versus 10 daysUTI at end of treatment12 months
UTI during next 12 months
Zaki,23 1986, Kuwait, Not stated55(a) 26Symptomatic UTI. Children with UTI in previous 6 months excluded. Age 0.5–13 y. Collection method not stated.(a) Nalidixic acid 3 days versus 10 daysUTI 2–3 days after treatment3 months
(b) 29(b) TMP/SMX§ 3 days versus 10 daysUTI at 1–3 months
Madrigal,22 1988, Costa Rica, OPD10490Symptomatic UTI. Children with recurrent UTI excluded.TMP/SMX 3 days versus 7 daysUTI 10–12 days after therapy44 days
Age 0.25–12 y. MSU, SPA, catheter urine samples.UTI at 28–37 days
CSG,21 1991, Denmark, OPD333(a) 96Girls with symptomatic & asymptomatic UTI. Age 1–15 y. MSU samples.(a) Sulphamethizole 3 daysUTI 1–10 days after treatment80 days
(b) 78(b) Sulphamethizole 10 daysUTI at 1 month or more
(c) 90¶(c) Pivmecillinam 3 daysResistant organisms
Jojart,20 1991, Hungary, Not stated132(a) 43Symptomatic & asymptomatic UTI. Children with UTI >3 months earlier could be re-entered to other therapy.(a) Nitrofurantoin 3 days versus 14 daysUTI at 28–36 days after treatment36 days
(b) 44Age 1.5–9 y. Collection method not stated.(b) TMP/SMX 3 days versus 10 days
Gaudreault,19 1992, Canada, ED4540Symptomatic UTI. Children with UTI in previous 6 months excluded. Age 2.5–18 y. MSU samples.Trimethoprim/sulphadiazine 3 days versus 10 daysUTI at end of treatment38 days
UTI < 28 days after treatment
Resistant organisms
Johnson,18 1993, USA, OPD4837Symptomatic UTI. Age 1–13 y. MSU, SPA, catheter samples.Amoxicillin/clavulinic acid 3 days versus 10 daysUTI 4 days after treatment33 days
UTI 30–47 days after therapy
Resistant organisms
Kornberg,17 1994, USA, ED & OPD3825Symptomatic UTI. UTI in last 30 days excluded.Cefuroxime 2 days versus 10 daysUTI 3–5 days after treatment15 months
Age 2–11 y. MSU, catheter samples.UTI at 1 –15 months