Table 1

Outcome for babies with extracardiac and karyotypic anomalies

Case no. Diagnosis Karyotype Surgical stage Outcome
1CDH, aqueduct stenosis 46 XYPost stage IIIWell, mild developmental delay
2Pierre Robin sequence, talipes 46 XYPost stage IIWell, global developmental delay
3CDH46 XXStage I, with CDH repairDied during combined surgery
4Turner's syndrome45 XOStage IDied 12 hours postoperatively (poor output)
5Situs inversus46 XXStage IDied 2 days postoperatively (blocked shunt)
6Vertebral and anorectal anomalies, hydronephrosis 46 XYPost stage IWell, normal development
  • CDH, congenital diaphragmatic hernia.