Table 1

The five key items on the CHAT screen

Ask parent
 Does your child ever PRETEND, for example, to make a cup of tea using a toy cup and teapot, or pretend other things?
Does your child ever use his/her index finger to point, to indicate INTEREST in something?
Health practitioner observation
Get child's attention, then point across the room at an interesting object and say “Oh look! There's a (name of toy)!” Watch child's face. Does the child look across to see what you are pointing at?
Get the child's attention, then give child a miniature toy cup and teapot and say “Can you make a cup of tea?” Does the child pretend to pour out tea, drink it, etc?
Say to the child “Where's the light?”, or “Show me the light”. Does the child POINT with his/her index finger at the light? To record YES on this item the child must have looked up at your face around the time of pointing.