Table 1

Characteristics of the subjects

No. Sex Tumour site Age at diagnosis (y) Age at follow up (y) Follow up interval (y) Chemotherapy protocol Dexa given Tumour radiotherapy dose (Gy) Pituitary radiotherapy dose (Gy) GHD (follow up interval at GHD diagnosis)
1MOrbit0.312.912.1V, A, C, D, EN40?Y (9.9)
2MOrbit8.811.82.4SIOP MMT'95-AY4527.5N
3MOrbit/PM6.114.58.1SIOP MMT'89-DN50?Y (3.2)
4MBuccal2.610.97.8SIOP MMT'89-EN45?N
5FParotid6.312.86.1SIOP MMT'89-DY4637.5N
6FEar1.88.05.8SIOP MMT'89-DN4727.5N
7MEar3.613.29.3V, A, C, AdN43<2N
8MEar5.213.47.9SIOP MMT'89-DN45<22.5Y (3.3)
9MNasopharynx3.69.65.6SIOP MMT'89-EY50?Y (3.4)
10FNasopharynx9.113.33.9SIOP MMT'89-DY5027.5Y (1.3)
11MNasopharynx4.07.42.6SIOP MMT95-BY5036N
12FEar4.97.92.3SIOP MMT'95-BY5030.5N
13MParotid8.513.84.5SIOP MMT'89-DY50<25N
14MEar6.414.17.4SIOP MMT'89-DN5048Y (2.8)
15FPalatal2.910.36.4SIOP MMT'89-DN45<2N
16MNasopharynx6.214.57.9SIOP MMT'89-DN45?Y (2.7)
17MNasopharynx1.84.62.3SIOP MMT'95-BY4527.5N
  • Dexa, dexamethasone; PM, parameningeal; V, vincristine; A, actinomycin; Ad, Adriamycin; C, cyclophosphamide; D, doxorubicin; E, etoposide; I, ifosfamide; SIOP, International Society of Paediatric Oncology; MMT, malignant mesenchymal tumor; Y, Yes; N, No; ?, unknown pituitary radiation dose.