Table 1

Cognitive and neurological outcome of OCT deficiency

Neurological outcome
Cognitive outcomeNormalAbnormal neuroimaging, no focal signsAbnormal neuroimaging, focal signsTotal
The neurological findings (columns) are subdivided into groups: normal where there was neither neuroimaging abnormality nor focal neurological signs; abnormal neuroimaging but no focal neurological signs; and abnormal imaging with focal neurological signs.
The cognitive outcome (rows) was also subdivided into groups: normal where IQ was >70; specific learning difficulties where IQ was >70 but specific difficulties were found; and moderate and severe global learning difficulties (LD). Figures in brackets show the number of girls.
Normal 82010 (6)
Specific LD 202 4 (4)
Moderate LD 323 8 (7)
Severe LD 222 6 (6)
Total15 (11)6 (5)7 (7)28 (23)