Table 4

Logistic regression analysis with selected explanatory clinical and laboratory variables from table 2

Explanatory variable p value Adjusted odds ratio 95% CI
Skin haemorrhages, type C, D, or E (fig 1)0.00211.22.5 to 50.7
Universal distribution of skin haemorrhages0.0365.11.1 to 23.7
Maximum diameter of skin haemorrhages >2 mm0.0127.01.5 to 32.0
General condition, score <70.00114.03.1 to 62.6
Nuchal rigidity0.0406.91.1 to 44.0
Neutrophil band forms >0.5 × 109/l0.00238.33.8 to 385.1
CRP >68 mg/l4-150 0.000112.44.7 to 32.7
  • The response variable is presence or absence of meningococcal disease.

  • The two regression analyses—of the clinical and the laboratory variables—were separate.

  • 4-150 68 mg/l equals 500 nmol/l. The logistic regression analysis was repeated with 136 mg/l as cut off point; the results were similar.