Table 2

Behavioural and mental health problems and contact with services

Experimental group (n=44)Control group (n=49)
Data from families at first interview.
Children's SDQ scores above clinical cut off (caseness)
Total difficulties1837.52035.1
Conduct problems1735.42035.1
Hyperactivity problems12252238.6
Emotional problems1429.21322.8
Peer relationship problems27361628.1
Mothers' GHQ scores above clinical cut off scores (caseness) 18 (mean = 15.9)24 (mean = 16.3)
Contact with services in previous 4 months (any member of the family)
General practitioner1565.21858.1
Hospital appointment1252.21135.5
Social services1147.81341.9
Voluntary organisation939.1412.9
Health visitor626.1619.4
Community psychiatric nurse521.713.2
Education welfare officer521.739.7