Table 1

Diagnostic classification of the 264 patients

Group no. Definition Number Median age (mth)
1Meningococcal disease, confirmed2930
2Meningococcal disease, probable1026
3Invasive bacterial infection, excluding MD614
4Enterovirus infection1821
5Adenovirus infection1122
6No invasive bacterial disease1-150 14027
7Insufficient information1-151 5018
  • For statistical analyses, groups 1 and 2 were pooled and compared to groups 4–6, pooled. The latter group of 169 children were considered to be without invasive bacterial infection.

  • 1-150 Either no bacteria in cultures from blood or spinal fluid and no antibiotic treatment prior to culture; or no blood culture, but spontaneous recovery—that is, no antibiotic treatment before or during hospitalisation.

  • 1-151 Either antibiotic treatment prior to blood culture; or no blood culture, but treated with antibiotics.