Table 3

EEG findings from the seven children who died

Age (mth)215032132313527
Any status epilepticus3-150 NoNoNoNoNoYesYes
Number of seizures after admission20070015
Background EEG activity2 Hz0.5–2 Hz3–7 Hz0.5–3 Hz0.5–2 Hz2–6 Hz Burst suppression
Unreactive, low amplitudeEnd stage electrographic statusWidespread slowing to 1 Hz with opisthotonusLow amplitude Episodic low amplitude events
Localisation of ictal or interictal dischargesNoneContinous ictal discharges L hemisphereNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Time of death (hours from admission)154256381116
Mode of deathCardiorespiratory arrestCardiorespiratory arrestRespiratory arrest Respiratory arrestRespiratory arrestRespiratory arrestRespiratory arrest
  • 3-150 Clinical seizure reported (before admission) or observed (after admission) to last for 30 minutes or more.