Table 2-2
Citation Study group Study type (level of evidence) Outcome Key results Comments
Gassmaier and Weston (1999) 20 preterm babies (mean body wt 690 g), hypotensive in spite of volume support and inotropes Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial (1b)Discontinuation of adrenaline at 12 hoursAbsolute risk reduction (ARR) for withdrawal of adrenaline was 52% and NNT = 2 (95% CI 1 to 8)All blood pressure readings measured invasively
Bourchier and Weston (1997) 40 hypotensive preterm babiesRandomised, open trial of hydrocortisone v dopamine (1b)Hypotension despite treatment: dopamine: 0/19; hydrocortisone: 4/21Absolute risk increase (ARI) was 20% for hydrocortisone and NNH = 5 (95% CI 3 to 45) Method of BP measurement not stated in this paper