Table 1

 Characteristics of SIDS cases and controls

Sex Age Diagnosis
1F4 monthsCongenital heart disease
2F2 monthsMorphione toxicity
3M13 hoursBronchopneumonia
4M1 hourAmniotic fluid aspiration
5M6 monthsPremature, septicemia
6M3 monthsCongenital brain tumour
7M6 monthsGlutaric aciduria type I
8M2 monthsExtreme premature
1M3 monthsSIDS
2M3 monthsSIDS
3M13 monthsSIDS
4M7 daysSIDS
5M5 daysSIDS
6F8 monthsSIDS
7F2 monthsSIDS
8F2.5 monthsSIDS
9M2 monthsSIDS