Table 4

Variables of equation 3, estimating the probability for a male or a female infant of needing treatment for IHPS

β, male SE p value β, female SE p value
β0, constant+3.527170.76298−0.610421.527605
Y, days after 31 Dec 1986−0.000150.00002<0.0001−0.000070.000050.1665
Z, latitude, degrees−0.155990.01322<0.0001−0.109990.02639<0.0001
U, urbanisation, rated 1–9+0.020760.011910.0814−0.018160.024570.4598
V, geographical location, rated 1–3−0.012020.036970.7451+0.043510.071630.5600
  • The value of a β coefficient indicates the degree and direction of the effect of its variable in the function. Urbanisation was rated from 1 to 9, with low values for urban areas. Geographical location was rated from 1 to 3, with 1 for coast and 3 for inland areas.