Table 1

Media history form: television focused questions1-150

Does your child watch more than 1–2 hours of TV per day?FrequentlySometimesNever
Do you watch TV with your child or know what your child is watching?FrequentlySometimesNever
Do you discuss TV shows with your child?FrequentlySometimesNever
Does your child have a TV in his or her room?YesNo
Do you limit your child's watching of TV shows that often contain violence, sex, foul or explicit language, or images of tobacco or alcohol use?FrequentlySometimesNever
Do you have rules about when TV can be watched?YesNo
Do you allow your child to eat meals or snacks while watching TV?YesNo
Does your child ask you to buy products he or she sees advertised on TV?YesNo
  • 1-150 For more information about the media history form or media education programmes at the American Academy of Pediatrics, please see the web site, and click on Media Matters.