Table 1

School health record findings for follow up period, 1990–97

(n = 105)
(n = 83)
Changed family name30%2%1-151
Removed from home (residence or fostered or adopted)25%1%1-151
Number schools attended, mean (range)3.4 (1–11)2.2 (1–6)1-151
Number home addresses, mean (range)2.8 (1–13)1.4 (1–5)1-151
Further abuse detected after 199035%0%1-151
Adverse behaviours, all types60%16%1-151
 Aggressive, angry, violent, destructive, or dangerous22%1%1-151
Educational problems with learning or performance24%5%1-151
Chronic health problems (other than wetting or soiling)54%36%1-150
 Physical growth (over or under weight, failure to thrive)18%6%1-150
Accessed or referred to mental health consultant32%1%1-151
  • 1-150 p = 0.01–0.05;

  • 1-151 p < 0.01.