Table 2

Factors independently predicting plasma cholesterol, lathosterol, and campesterol in children at 8–12 years of age born preterm

Dependent variable Independent variables Coefficient SE p value R2
Cholesterol2-151 Current weight SDS0.0310.0120.0080.04
Current height SDS−0.0540.013<0.001
Lathosterol2-150 Birth weight SDS−0.0230.0160.150.11
Lathosterol2-151 Current weight SDS0.140.02<0.0010.20
Current height SDS−
Lathosterol2-152 Birth weight SDS−0.0330.0150.0250.21
Current weight SDS0.140.023<0.001
Current height SDS−0.0740.0260.005
Campesterol2-150 Birth weight SDS0.620.220.0090.16
Campesterol2-151 Current weight SDS−1.430.31<0.0010.24
Current height SDS0.800.370.33
Campesterol2-152 Birth weight SDS0.720.210.0010.30
Current weight SDS−1.50.30<0.001
Current height SDS0.840.350.019
  • Sample time and plasma cholesterol were adjusted in all models of lathosterol and campesterol. Social class was adjusted for in all campesterol models.

  • Regression analysis with markers of cholesterol metabolism (plasma cholesterol, lathosterol, or campesterol) as dependent variable. Independent variables for each model were as follows:

  • 2-150 birth size (birth weight SDS);

  • 2-151 current size (current weight SDS, height SDS);

  • 2-152 combined (birth weight SDS and current weight SDS and current height SDS).

  • SE, standard error; R2, coefficient of determination.