Table 1

Age, anthropometry, and mean plasma cholesterol, lipids, and non-cholesterol sterol concentrations in the study population

Birth measurements
Birth weight (g)21414022801971358319
Birth weight SDS210−0.881.23191−0.891.26
Birth length (cm)12841.11-150 2.6213640.43.20
Gestation (wk)21431.032.7019631.122.76
Social class1-151 2063.491.291893.541.35
Current measurements (8–12 years old)
Age (y)21511.200.8919711.230.85
Weight (kg)21535.598.9119736.019.04
Weight SDS215−0.261.20197−0.391.20
Height (cm)215142.019.00197142.029.10
Height SDS215−0.331.09197−0.491.07
BMI (kg/m2)21517.313.0219717.602.89
BMI SDS215−0.131.22197−0.241.17
Sum of 4 skinfolds (mm)21334.211-160 16.0419640.3015.57
Current plasma lipids and sterols
Total cholesterol (mmol/l)2154.590.871974.580.86
LDL cholesterol (mmol/l)1982.790.781762.800.67
HDL cholesterol (mmol/l)2151.400.391971.370.35
Triacylglycerol (mmol/l)2150.870.531960.920.43
Apolipoprotein A1 (g/l)2.071.570.261.931.550.25
Apolipoprotein B (g/l)
Lathosterol (μmol/l)1732.711.211652.641.33
Campesterol (μmol/l)7510.483.408610.864.17
  • Significantly different from women:

  • 1-150 p < 0.05,

  • 1-160 p < 0.01.

  • 1-151 Social class based on Registrar General coding36 using six categories, with class 3 manual and non-manual as separate categories and excluding non-classifiable cases.