Table 2

Expenditure by the joint equipment group from inception in September 1994 to July 1999

Total number of requests made2-150 Items of equipment funded Number of children2-152 Total expenditure
Other physical equipment633330£16021
“Expensive” communication aids2-151 988£52582
“Inexpensive” communication aids2-151 292819£5975
  • 2-150 Requests not granted were often able to be funded from other sources—for example, they were the statutory responsibility of a single agency. There were few inappropriate referrals and few children did not get the appropriate equipment one way or another.

  • 2-151 An arbitrary cut off between “expensive” and “inexpensive” communication aids has been taken at £1000.

  • 2-152 The discrepancy in the total is due to some children being supplied with more than one type of equipment.