Table 3

Composite Baby Check score of SIDS cases and control infants in the last 24 hours

ScoreSIDSControlsRisk ratioUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Age adjusted OR (95% CI)Multivariate OR (95% CI)
n = 318%n = 1299%
0–725078.6120292.50.851.00 (reference group)1.00 (reference group)1.00 (reference group)
8–123210.1524.02.512.96 (1.82 to 4.80)4.16 (2.40 to 7.23)5.76 (2.10 to 15.78)
13–19196.0272.12.873.38 (1.78 to 6.42)4.53 (2.24 to 9.13)3.29 (0.79 to 13.69)
20+175.3181.43.864.54 (2.20 to 9.38)3.82 (1.75 to 8.36)2.06 (0.38 to 11.16)
  • The risk ratio was calculated by dividing the prevalence of the SIDS score by the control score for each stratum.

  • In the multivariate analysis the following factors were controlled for: sex, maternal age, parity, previous stillbirths and deaths, parental unemployment, maternal smoking during pregnancy, parental estimation of postnatal exposure to tobacco smoke, intention to breast feed, moving accommodation, recent maternal alcohol consumption, partner's use of illegal drugs, recent change in infant routine, put down in prone position, put down in side position, bed sharing, room sharing, duvet use, tog value of clothing and bedding, length of previous sleep, and infant found with head covered.

  • No signs or symptoms were evident (Baby Check score = 0) for 38.9% of SIDS cases and 59.4% of controls.

  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.