Table 1

Disease extent, previous treatment, and details of mustine treatment in 20 children with LCH      

Sex Extent of skin disease (% of body surface) Involvement of other organs Treatment prior to mustine Number and duration of mustine courses (wk) Time to response of skin rash (wk) Side effects
of mustine
1M 3LNVB, VP16, HDMP2 (12/4)40
2M32B, DI, GVP161 (12)40
3F233 (3/3/3)20
4M 9B, DI, GHDMP, VP163 (2/2/1)20
5F 7B,G2 (36/8)40
6M 7B, LN, GP, AZ, VP16, RxT, VB1 (6)>60
7F21B, DIP, VB2 (28/4)40
8M15B, DI, L, GP1 (4)2–30
9M261 (12)40
10M24BP2 (16/4)60
11M15B, BM, GI, GHDMP, 6MP, VB, VP16, CsA1 (4)40
12M11B, DI, L, G, CNSVB1 (20)2–30
13M11B, DI, L, GP, VP163 (6/4/1)1–2Irritative dermatitis
14M10DI, L, CNSP1 (12)10
15M15DI, LN, G2 (4/4)40
16F15B1 (12)2–30
17M 9B, DI, BM, LVC, P2 (4/4)10
18M50B, BM, GI, G, C, LNVP16, HDMP, VB, MTX3 (8/4/4)2–4Irritative dermatitis
19M 8B, DI, GI, L, GHDMP1 (20)30
20F16BP1 (10)10
  • LN, lymph node; B, bone; DI, diabetes insipidus; G, gingiva; L, lung; BM, bone marrow; GI, gastrointestinal tract; C, conjunctival; VB, vinblastine; HDMP, high dose methylprednisolone; VP16, etoposide; P, prednisolone; AZ, azathioprine; RxT, radiotherapy; 6MP, 6-mercaptopurine; CsA, cyclosporin A; VC, vincristine; MTX, methotrexate.