Table 1

A comparison of frequencies of certain features (identified by the Meadow study) in Irish SIDS (1994–1997) versus the Meadow cases

Features identified to help differentiate between natural and unnatural deathsSIDS1994–1997Meadowcases
No previous live child2639/1507236/50
Death of a previous child56/1264824/50
Died in 1st 7 months of life91150/1656956/81
Time of death 1100–2200 2227/1247355/75
Interval between last seen and found dead (h)
6–122632/1218 5/65
Blood in mouth, nose, face2632/1223927/70
Previous apnoeic episodes45/1256146/75
Previous ALTEs22/12536 27/75
Previous hospital admissions mainly due to intercurrent illness1114/1255643/77
  • ALTEs = apparent life threatening events.