Table 1

Patient data and response to treatment

Case Sex Age Site1-150 Previous surgery Type Size (cm) Injections (n) Results
1FNewbornNNoMacro4 × 33Excellent
2F12 monthsNNoMacro5 × 41Excellent
3F21 monthsNNoMacro5 × 4.52Excellent
4F15 yearsNNoMacro5 × 41Excellent
5M5 yearsNYesMacro6 × 51Excellent
6F4 monthsN–MYesMacro3.8 × 3.71Excellent
7F3 yearsN–MYesMacro4 × 2.52Excellent
8F33 monthsNNoMixed3 × 2.72Good
9FNewbornF–m–NNoMixedHuge16Poor, surgery
10F15 monthsNNoMixed5.5 × 53Poor, surgery
11F22 monthsCheekNoMicro3 × 0.94Good
12F12 monthsChestNoMicro5 × 4.54Good
13M32 monthsCheekNoMicro4 × 23Poor
14F28 monthsChestYesMicro7 × 51Poor
15M9 yearsF–m–NYesMicroHuge9Poor
  • 1-150 F, face; M, mediastinum; m, mouth; N, neck.