Table 1

Clinical and laboratory features of patients identified with significant bacteraemia

Age (y)SexMonth of presentationClinical featuresRashTemp.WCC
(× 109/l)
CRP (mg/l)Organism isolatedMethod of detection
13.4FFebruaryToxic and shockedPurpuric (initially petechial)38oC5.379 N. meningiditis + blood culture; + rapid Ag
12.8MFebruaryToxic and meningism, received IM BPPetechial40oC24.5302Group B streptococcus+ rapid Ag; − blood culture (post IM BP)
1.46MAugustNot toxicPetechial40.4oC22.750 S. pneumoniae + blood culture
12.9MJanuaryToxicPetechial38.9oC16.8277 N. meningiditis type C+ PCR; + blood culture
1.52FJanuaryToxicPurpuric (initially petechial)40.4oC15.245 N. meningiditis type B+ PCR; − blood culture
  • IM BP, intramuscular benzylpenicillin; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; +, positive; −, negative; Temp., temperature; Ag, antigen; WCC, white cell count; CRP, c-reactive protein.