Table 3

The results of logistic regression analysis of variables that are significant in the univariate analysis and their association with height and weight

(% positive)2-150
RR95% CIp ValueNumber (% positive)2-150
RR95% CIp Value
Helicobacter pyloriinfection
 Negative 63 (20.2)84 (26.9)
 Positive18 (28.6)1.40.8–2.40.3416 (25.4)0.70.4–1.30.37
Iron deficiency anaemia
 Negative68 (19.8)85 (28.4)
 Positive13 (40.6)2.21.0–4.80.0515 (46.9)2.11.0–4.60.05
  • 2-150 Percentage of children below the 25th centile values for height and weight.

  • CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk.