Table 1

Comparison between the total cohort and those who suffered from repeeling

Total cohort Repeeling group
Patient numbers25929
Patient age at presentation with KD (median and range)24 months (2–204)23 (2–67)
Follow up time after illness (median and range)54 months (6–145)54 (6–145)
Patients with coronary aneurysm/s5721-150
Patients with previous atopic dermatitis20323
Patients with hearing damage or loss after KD53
Patients referred to psychiatrist/psychologist147
Number positive for staphylococcal colonisation19 of 3513 of 151-151
Staphylococcal cultures positive for any toxin production6 of 193 of 13
Positive ASOT titres2 of 172 of 8
Patients treated with immunoglobulin within 7 days of onset of initial KD21723
Patients treated with aspirin21623
Number of recurrent episodes of Kawasaki syndrome20
Patient years studied1239102
Estimated number of repeeling episodes0188
  • 1-150 p < 0.05;

  • 1-151 p < 0.001.