Table 2

Patients with Stevens–Johnsons syndrome and mucous membrane involvement only

No., sex Age (y) Preceding illness Drug ingestion one week before Suspected aetiology Duration of disease Steroids Yes/no Recurrences Yes/no Sequelae
Stevens–Johnson syndrome
23, F 2MeaslesNoMeasles12 daysNoNoNo
Immunisation2-150 or immunisation2-150
24, F 4HyperthermiaNoInfection20 daysNoNoCutaneous
25, F 5Upper respiratory tract infectionNo M pneumoniae?15 daysNoNoNo
26, M 6PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae 15 daysYesNoNo
27, M 6PneumopathyAmpicillin (2) M pneumoniae 12 daysNoNoNo
Ibuprofen (2)Thalidomide
28, M 7HyperthermiaNoInfection20 daysYesNoLabial synechiae
29, F 7PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae 20 daysYesNoOcular synechiae
30, M 8PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae?20 daysYesNoDyschromia
31, M 8PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae?20 daysNoNoNo
32, M 8PneumopathyAmpicillin (2)Infection or ampicillin10 daysYesNoNo
33, M 9HyperthermiaNo M pneumoniae 30 daysNoNoNo
34, F 9MeningococcemiaAmpicillin (2)Meningococcus or drugs10 daysNoNoNo
Clonazepam (2)
35, M 9Upper respiratory tract infectionAmpicillin (2) M pneumoniae or drug20 daysNoNoOcular synechiae
36, F12PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae 20 daysNoNoLabial synechiae
Immunisation2-152 or immunisation2-152
37, M12Upper respiratory tract infectionNoInfection10 to
30 days
Yes +YesNo
38, M13PneumopathyNo M pneumoniae 20 daysNoNoNo
39, F13NoneSulfametoxypyridamide (3)Drug20 daysNoNoNo
Mucous membrane involvement only
40, F 4HyperthermiaNoHerpes? (1)10 daysNoNoNo
41, M10Immunisation2-150 NoImmunisation2-151?20 daysNoNoNo
42, M13Labial herpesAmpicillin (2)Herpes (2) or drug10 daysYesYesNo
  • Herpes and drug scores are in brackets.

  • 2-150 Vaccine.

  • 2-151 Diphtheria–tetanus–poliomyelitis.

  • 2-152 Hepatitis B.