Table 3

Assessment of study quality in trials of corticosteroid therapy in children with steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome

Episode of nephrotic syndrome Author and year Allocation concealment Intention
to treat analysis
Completeness of follow up3-150 Blinding of outcome assessment
InitialKleinknecht et al, 198218 AdequateNoENo blinding
APN, 198819 AdequateNoANo blinding
Uedaet al, 198820 InadequateNoANo blinding
APN, 199321 AdequateNoANo blinding
Ksiazek and Wyszynska, 199522 InadequateYesANo blinding
Noreroet al, 199623 InadequateNoANo blinding
Baggaet al, 199924 UnclearNoANo blinding
RelapseISKDC, 197925 UnclearNoDNo blinding
APN, 198116 InadequateNoDNo blinding
Imbasciali et al, 198526 AdequateYesANo blinding
Ekkaet al, 199727 UnclearNoCNo blinding
Broyer et al, 199728 AdequateYesBDouble blind
  • 3-150 Completeness of follow up: A, <3% excluded; B, 3–9% excluded; C, 10–19.9% excluded; D, 20% or more excluded; E, unclear.

  • APN, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Pädiatrische Nephrologie.

  • ISKDC, International Study of Kidney Disease in Children.