Table 4

Comparison of survival rates to various ages for study populations in UK, Canada, and USA

StudyDisability levelSurvival rates
To age%
NECCPSSevere cognitive disability3065.2
MCPRSevere cognitive disability3065.7
BCRSevere or profound mental retardation3066.6
NECCPSSevere manual disability3060.1
MCPRSevere manual disability3046.6
NECCPSSevere manual disability1783.2
MCPRSevere manual disability1762.4
CALNo functional hand use1762–99
NECCPSSevere ambulatory disability3063.3
MCPRWheelchair user3050.1
NECCPSSevere ambulatory disability1784.5
MCPRWheelchair user1761.1
CALCannot walk unaided1762–96
NECCPSSevere cognitive and ambulatory disability1879.7
MCPRSevere cognitive disability and wheelchair user1855.7
SE ThamesImmobile and subnormal1867
NECCPSSevere manual and ambulatory disability1194.5
MCPRSevere manual disability and wheelchair user1166.6
NE ThamesSevere involvement of four limbs1185
  • Data from publications for SE Thames,6 NE Thames,11 paediatric Californian study,10 and British Columbia Registry.8

  • MCPR, Mersey Cerebral Palsy Register; BCR, British Columbia Registry; CAL, paediatric Californian study.