Table 3

CT scan results

CT report n%
Common cavity deformity10.9
Mondini and dilated vestibular aqueduct43.4
Dilated vestibular aqueduct65.1
Narrow IAM32.6
Abnormal vestibule/semicircular canals76.0
Abnormal cochlea, vestibule, and IAM54.3
Cerebral abnormalities10.9
Miscellaneous2-150 32.6
  • The common cavity deformity consists of absent or dilated cochlear basal coil widely communicating with the vestibule. “Mondini” describes a cochlea with a basal turn and a distal sac. Dilated vestibular aqueduct refers to middle third diameter of more than 1.5 mm.

  • 2-150 Two cases with skull base deformity and one with high jugular bulb on one side.