Table 1

Mercury content of different preparations of “Watermelon Frost”

  • A1, the “Watermelon Frost” that our patient used in January 1999; A2 and A3, different batches of the same brand as the one taken by our patient (bought for testing in September 1999); B, different brand; C, internal positive control; D, external positive control (a lyophilised mussel tissue from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersbery, Maryland, USA with a certified consensus value of 0.176 ± 0.013 ppm).

  • 1-150 Triplicate samples were pretreated by microwave digestion in concentrated nitric acid under 60 psi for 40 minutes before analysis for mercury.

  • ND, not done (due to leakage of material after microwave digestion).