Table 2

Final values: data comparing the effects of age, sleep position, and sleep state on Sao 2, heart rate, and respiratory rate

Constant2-150 Factor Δ2-151 (95% CI) p value
Sao2 (%)97.3(97.0, 97.5)
Age0.2(−0.03, 0.4)NS
Sleep state−0.2(−0.4, −0.04)0.019
Position−0.3(−0.5, −0.1)0.005
Heart rate (bpm)137.9(136.8, 139.1)
Age−4.0(−5.4, −2.7)<0.0001
Sleep state2.5(1.3, 3.7)<0.0001
Position−0.2(−1.4, 1.1)NS
Respiratory rate (breaths/min)49.2(47.5, 50.9)
Age−4.0(−6.2, −1.8)0.001
Sleep state3.3(1.6, 4.9)<0.0001
Position−0.4(−1.6, 0.7)NS
  • 2-150 Constant is the mean estimate at newborn age, QS state, and supine sleep position. The differences (Δ) were adjusted for other factors in the model and the baseline value centred at the mean.

  • 2-151 Δ values represent the differences in the direction indicated for:

  • Age; newborn → 3 months

  • Sleep state; QS → AS

  • Position; supine → prone.