Table 2

Risk factors for recurrent febrile convulsions and subsequent development of epilepsy in patients with or without primary human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infection at the first febrile convulsive episode

All infants with first febrile convulsions episodeInfants younger than 1 year with first febrile convulsions episode
Primary HHV-6 infection (n = 19)No primary HHV-6 infection (n = 60)p ValuePrimary HHV-6 infection (n = 12)No primary HHV-6 infection (n = 10)p Value
Recurrent febrile convulsions
 Under 6 months11NS11NS
 Family history of febrile convulsions610NS41NS
 Mental retardation01NS01NS
 Family history of epilepsy00NS00NS
 Atypical seizures2-150 1113< 0.0182< 0.05
  • 2-150 Partial seizures and/or long lasting seizures more than 15–20 minutes in duration and/or clustering (two or more) seizures within 24 hours after onset.

  • NS, not significant.