Table 1

Comparison of clinical features and backgrounds in patients with first febrile convulsion with and without primary human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infection

Primary HHV-6 infection (n = 19) No primary HHV-6 infection (n = 60)
Age in months (median (range))10.0**(5–26) 20.0** (1–74)
Number of girls528
Mean duration of fever (days)3.23.6
Mean maximum temperature (°C)39.839.5
Mean onset of febrile convulsion (day)1-151 0.6 0.4
Mental retardation 0 1
Family history of febrile convulsions610
Family history of epilepsy0 0
Clustering seizures71-150 81-150
Long lasting seizures61-150 61-150
Partial seizures41-150 11-150
Postictal paralysis31-150 01-150
Prolonged disturbance of consciousness00
Mechanical ventilation00
Abnormal CSF findings0/90/6
Abnormal EEG findings0/182/55
Abnormal CT findings1/100/6
  • 1-150 p < 0.05, **p <0.01 significant difference between both groups.

  • 1-151 The first day of fever was assigned as day 0.

  • CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; CT, computed tomography; EEG, electroencephalograph.