Table 2

Serum analyte concentrations in children with asthma before and after oral prednisolone treatment, and the normal controls

AnalyteSerum concentrationControlsp Value2-150p Value2-151
IL-55.59 (0.71)2.19 (0.18)ND0.00010.03
IL-40.56 (0.25)2.20 (1.13)NDNSNS
sCD252236 (192)1172 (175)506 (34)0.0020.03
ECP54.3 (4.7)33.1 (3.7)15.5 (1.9)0.00010.03
  • Values are mean (SEM) expressed as pg/ml. Measurements below the detection limit of the assays (ND) were regarded as zero.

  • 2-150 Student's paired t test comparing children with asthma before and after treatment.

  • 2-151 Wilcoxon signed ranks test comparing chidren with asthma after treatment and controls.

  • IL, interleukin; sCD25, soluble CD25; ECP, eosinophil cationic protein.