Table 3

Parameter estimates for the reduced model for the influence of FEV1 predicted and age on height SDS, and FEV1 predicted and BMI on bone area for height SDS in patients < 19 years of age

BSETp Value95% CI
Height SDS
Intercept−0.6660.245−2.7230.008−1.155  to  −0.178
 FEV1 2.2270.17712.580< 0.0011.874  to  2.580
 Age−0.4630.039−11.760< 0.001−0.542  to  −0.385
Bone area for height SDS
Intercept−4.6950.527−8.916< 0.001−5.746  to  −3.644
 FEV1 −0.8670.118−7.336< 0.001−1.102  to  −0.631
 BMI0.3660.03610.048< 0.0010.293  to  0.438
  • BMI, body mass index; CI, confidence interval; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second expressed as a percentage of that predicted.