Table 5

Symptoms of rhinoconjunctivitis in relation to wheeze attacks and itchy flexural rash (percentage of children)

No rhinoconjunctivitis
(n = 22488)
Winter only (Oct–Feb)
(n = 1307)
Summer only (Mar–Sept)
(n = 1710)
Perennial (n = 1902)
> 12 attacks of wheeze2.04.06.410.5
< 12 attacks of wheeze989693.689.5
Severe rash1.
No severe rash98.69596.591.6
  • In perennial rhinoconjunctivitis, symptoms occurred in both summer and winter months, although not necessarily in every month.

  • Severe rash indicates that sleep was disturbed on more than one night each week.

  • One hundred children with rhinitis did not specify month of occurrence.