Table 2

Prevalence of reported current rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms, treatment for rhinitis symptoms, and lifetime hay fever in 12–14 year olds across the UK

n% With rhinoconjunctivitis in the past 12 months% Pupils with seasonal (Mar–Sept) rhinoconjunctivitis in the past 12 months% Pupils using treatments for a runny/blocked nose or hay fever
in the past 12 months
% Pupils reporting ever having hay fever
Country *** ** ***
Area ** **
Quadrant of England and Wales *** ***
 South west590118.15.930.234.8
 South east748217.06.232.737.6
 North east571918.36.628.133.9
 North west396118.
NHS Region (1993) ** *** ***
 South west270716.86.330.336.0
 South Thames229716.
 North Thames222015.95.333.436.0
 East Anglia and Oxford232418.26.833.038.6
 West Midlands221919.05.930.735.9
 North west302918.55.730.433.2
 North east and Yorkshire370919.46.627.333.1
% Missing1.
  • 2-150 p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p ⩽ 0.001 (χ2test).